Tom Meade

  • Professor, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
  • Professor, Feinberg School of Medicine

Tom Meade is a professor at Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and Feinberg School of Medicine. Hereceived his PhD from The Ohio State University in 1985, completing a fellowship in Radiology from Harvard Medical School and a postdoctoral fellowship from California Institute of Technology. His research interests include organic, Synthetic, Chemical Biology, Inorganic, Bioinorganic, Physical, Biophysical, and Nanoscience.

The Meade Lab research focuses on inorganic coordination chemistry for the study of molecular imaging of in vivo gene expression and intracellular messengers, transition metal enzyme inhibitors, and electronic biosensors. The design, synthesis and physical properties of transition metal and lanthanide coordination complexes are the foundation of their research. Some of his most recent awards and accolades include Fellow of the American Chemical Society (August 29, 2011), Society for Molecular Imaging Annual Exceptional Achievement Award, Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization (iBIO) iCON Innovator Award (2009), Northwestern University Excellence in Teaching Award (2008) and Eileen Foell Chair in Cancer Research at Northwestern University (2005).